Cartoon Comics

As a kid growing up I, like just about every other kid in the world, loved cartoons and comics. Still do. Way back in the long-ago there were far fewer cartoons and comics that there are these days. As hard as it may be to imagine today, cartoons were few and far between at one time. Saturday mornings and right after school was just about it. You’d actually pretty much plan your life around these times. It wasn’t like today where cartoons are everywhere and can be viewed whenever YOU choose. Count your blessings kids today. You’re living in a cartoon paradise. Comics were the same. We had DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Every once in a while you’d stumble across a Gold Key or a Charleton comics if your mom or dad happened to drag you to a local Woolworths, but for the most part Marvel and DC were about it. And even they only put out a few books a month in comparison to what they dump out (I mean, put out) today. Independent comics like we see today were unheard of. So. My brother and I? We made our own. Five Star Comics is what he called it. No idea why, or how he came up with the name. I was six or seven so if he said it (He was my older brother), it was real. As real as either Marvel or DC.

My own comics. My own cartoons. My own heroes and worlds.

cartoon comic art

Flash forward to the modern world and we are over-run with comics and comic strips and cartoons and web sites and video games. It’s like a seven year old’s passion-dream. The problem is, as much work as is available today, it is almost impossible to be noticed among the riotous crowd of cartoons and comics and creators. It’s amazing for the consumer. It’s a nightmare/dream for the creator. Never before has the ability to produce our beloved cartoons and comics been easier, and more possible. For someone like me? A cartoon comic lover/consumer/producer/whatever I am both as thrilled as a junkie in an opium field and as frustrated as a nun at a porn convention. (those were really bad examples, BTW)

cartoon comic art

I love it. My ability to create my little cartoon comic creations has never been more possible. It’s a good time to be alive.

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