Character Designs: Totem

I love creating/designing characters, creating stories and worlds. I love the whole thing. I love them probably too much. Totem came about while I was thinking of some great adventure. A quest. A quest that would take someone across the globe and to other worlds. I love the idea of a character obsessed with a mission. Undeterred by the circumstances, and the various characters, they come across. A story of finding and losing and moving on. Always moving forward on that one, important quest. Never knowing if you’ll ever find what you’re looking for but being unable, unwilling, to quit.

I’d love to create worlds filled with colorful characters and creatures. Magic and mysticism and philosophy and religion and faith. Tree-spanning villages, cities cut into stone or swallowed by the sea. Towns under the ground and high above the clouds.I love he idea of throwing off the binders and cutting loose.

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