Leonardo is trapped in a make-believe world, convinced he’s living in a cartoon universe. Paperboy is about growing up; family, friends, school and the confounding collision of childhood and the real world.



Frank is a divorced a 50 year old auto mechanic trying to remember how to live as a single man. Frank is a comic strip about growing old, feeling young, living life and pursuing your dreams at any age.

altered ego

Altered Ego

Nothing is going to stop Mark, a caffeine-addicted, struggling artist, from reaching his dream of becoming a professional cartoonist! Together with his small group of friends Mark searches for life, love and the perfect cup of coffee

chaos grimm

Chaos Grimm

When a young girl runs away and joins the circus she finds herself becoming intimately involved with a mysterious, homicidal clown and quickly discovers far more than a simple sanctuary for freaks and oddities.