Concept Art: Bearded Hero

Sometimes I find myself wanting to create a more “classic” superhero. Someone huge and over-muscled fighting against evil; lifting cars over their heads and fighting a never-ending battle against green-skinned bad guys. Other times I just want to sleep.

I don’t think there’s a comic book creator alive who hasn’t reamed of creating another Superman. That single character that changes the world. That every single living person loved, even if they hate him. A character that brings laughter and joy and happiness decades and decades after it’s creator is gone. Like Mickey Mouse and Walt Disney. Who doesn’t want to have that kind of positive impact on the world?

Truthfully, as a whole, I prefer my heroes a little less powerful and a little more down-to-Earth. Still, the very concept of a real, live super man brings about so many story ideas. Many of which cannot be explored in a character already as popular as Superman or by a company with as much to lose as DC Comics/Warner Bros. It all brings about such a wonderful flood of what-if ideas.

what if superman were created today? In the world we currently live in? Who would he be? Who would he become?

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