Concept Art: Urban Armor

I’ve recently come to discover that I prefer the trailer park level of super hero as opposed to the Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark money falling outta’ bum-holes kind of superhero. It’s kinda’ funny that it took this sort of revelation since looking back over my work it seems rather obvious. Maybe his is why, as awesome as Batman is I prefer Nightwing or spider-Man. I liked Batman better when they concentrated on his training and commitment to a cause more than this super-rich, throwing about money on weird bat-themed gadgets. maybe it’s because, even as a kid, I could imagine myself a superhero but I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be that rich. Being super-wealthy seems more super-villain than superhero when you really think about it. I mean, if you had Bruce Wayne’s money, which makes more sense: donating and truly helping people with, you know, YOUR MONEY!, or dressing up as a plastic bat-thing and beating on poor people?

The armor that Iron Man wears is awesome-cool. No getting around that. The films? The way his tech wraps itself around him? That’s some cool stuff right there. It’s like the uber-version of awesome armor. while Iron Man wins the award for coolest looking hero, there are a ton of second placers. Mostly from video games, not comics. Hey. It’ 2018. Video games count! Master Chief springs immediately to mind. (There are a lot of others but none of them springs immediately to mind. Short attention span/bad memory and all that.)

I prefer imagining what an average person from the hood, or the trailer park, might look like if THEY were the super-geniuses or were the ones struck by lighting and rather than being fried like a potato got powers instead. They wouldn’t wear spandex, that’s for sure. Real bodies and spandex don’t go well together. Especially guys. Especially when fighting. Just doesn’t work. we get super powers and we want to look cool too. And be protected, of course. Secret identities and protecting our loved ones and all of that. (Funny how secret identities makes just about the much sense when it comes to superheroes but seem passe these days in comics and movies.) What would a “real” person want to wear? what would “real” people find heroic and cool? Worship on Youtube and follow on Twitter?

What would you do? What would I do? What would ANY “real” person do? Go Google shopping, that’s what!

So let’s build ourselves a costume. Look out Iron Man, here we come!

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