Concept: New World Heroes

Let’s imagine for a moment what some of our current-day classic superheroes might be like if they weren’t suffocated in a mud bog of political correctness, the need to please the greatest number of people, or the single-minded pursuit of the bottom-line.

What if high above us flew an all-powerful being who swore no allegiance to any country, who only sought out justice and did so regardless of public opinion or personal gain? Would he be seen as a hero still or would the world call him a villain? Imagine if not all geniuses came from billionaire families? Imagine a thrift-store dark night who did what needed to be done without the aid of pseudoscientific gadgetry? A hero who really did rely solely on training and brutality and more than a little luck?

How much more interesting would comics be if Captain America still punched Hitler and if Batman still relied on his training and detective skills rather than Iron Man’s left-overs? Would heroes like these still be considered the “good guys” or would we find ourselves rooting for the villains and choosing our own heroes?

Let me cheer and let me be angry. Let me agree and let me disagree. Tell me stories that weren’t created to be spoon-fed and completely unoffensive.

Those are the comic book stories I would want to read.

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