I’ve got too many ideas running around my head. It drives me crazy that I can’t do them all. Or at least some of them. In the meantime I thought I’d start posting my ideas/concepts here with the idea that at least I won’t me losing, or misplacing, them until the time comes (should it ever) to actually do them.

Over-educated, under-employed, deep in debt and ready to rule the world.Growing up they were told to do the right thing, go to college, get a degree and life will be easy. Now a group of over-educated millennials, fresh out of college, are discovering that the promises of the past don’t exist in the modern world and find themselves working dead end jobs, paying off college loans and trying to figure out what it means to be an adult in this new millennium.

counter culture comic strip cast


Penfell – busser, dish washer and cook at the Yellow Dog Diner/theoretical physicist

Amy – hostess at the Yellow Dog Diner/actress and model

Sid – waitress at the Yellow Dog Diner/ontologist

Eugene – layabout/sickeningly lucky at everything

… & more

Everyone has a plan.

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