Just A Guy

For as long as I’ve been doing this cartoon comic thing people have assumed that I’m a company, or that I work as part of a team. Maybe it’s different these days with the internet allowing readers and fans more “back-end” knowledge when it comes to creating indie cartoons and comics. Maybe not. People see my work, and the works I create, and they assume there’s a company behind it all. I find it flattering and have done little/nothing to dispel this idea. The truth is something totally different though. I’m not a company. I’m just a guy. Just someone who likes creating cartoons and comics.

Five Star Comics New and Old

In the image above on the left is an early Five Star Comic hero/villain created when I was around 14/16 and next to it is a more modern Five Star Comic hero/villain, Morressey. 

This doesn’t mean that I work totally alone though. I’m fortunate enough to know a few very talented people who help me here and there and now and then but mostly I’m just a guy creating all of this stuff. An example of the help I get are my web sites (of which there are many). This one in particular was created my buddy, Austin. When he suggested that I could use a better, newer web site and that he was willing to do it. well, I’m not gonna say no now am I? Austin designed, created and forced me through threats and cruelty to do bits and pieces myself. In the end I’ve got a great web site(s), a decent web-presence and it wasn’t a company that did it all. That does it all. It’s just a guy. Or rather a few guys (Me, Austin, Ken, John and Rich) helping me out, supporting my dreams and encouraging me along. I consider myself quite fortunate. After all, you’re known by the company you keep and these few guys? They’re my “company”.

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