List Of Comic Strip Syndicates

Creating a comic or comic strip is one thing, seeing it actually published in your local news paper is another entirely. While comic strips and newspapers have remained synonymous since the creation of the comic strip the advent of the new electronic age has diminished both the number of newspapers out there as well as the number of syndicates offering content. What worked ten years ago just won’t fly today. I’m listing below 4 of the best comic strip syndicates still operating strong today. Any creator can be proud to be represented by any of them. (*If you have any additional syndicates you think should be included in this list please leave a comment in the section below and I’ll include them in future updates.

Creators Syndicate lists their submission guidelines on their website. You can check them out by clicking here.

All manuscript submissions for Creators Publishing MUST follow the guidelines below for consideration. Please submit completed manuscripts only—no excerpts, samples, proposals. They do not accept poetry compilations, children’s picture books or comic books. They also ask that you please submit a double-spaced Word Doc with numbered pages.
On the cover page, please include:
Writer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and website, if applicable. They also ask that you the number of words in your manuscript.

King Features is one of the most long-lasting powerhouses of comic strip syndicates. You can check King Features submissions guidelines by clicking here.

King Features asks that your total submission package should include:
1. A cover letter — that briefly outlines the overall nature of your comic strip. Your cover letter should also include your full name, address, and telephone number and shouldn’t be much longer than one page.
2. 24 daily comic strips — on 8-1/2″ x 11″ paper (you can fit up to 3 or 4 strips per page).
3. A character sheet — that shows your major characters (if any) along with their names and a paragraph description of each.

King Features does not accept electronic submissions.

Send your cartoons to:
Submissions Editor – Comics
King Features Syndicate
628 Virginia Drive
Orlando, Florida 32803

The Tribune Content Agency states on their web site that they only accept electronic submissions for columns, commentary, comics, editorial cartoons, puzzles and other content, including high-profile digital ventures and multimedia offerings. Their submission processes has been made quick and easy. Go here.

The Andrews McMeel Syndicate provides creators a complete and concise process they recommend when submitting your comics. They also state that they are always looking for great new comics and columns and ask that you read through their guidelines before you submit your material for their consideration. If you are sending a paper submission by mail, they ask that you please include a self-addressed stamped envelope if you would like your submission to be returned.

Visit the Andrews McMeel Syndicates submission page by clicking here.

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