Missing Ma’s

I used to love to go to Ma’s. Ma’s Coffee Pot was a 24/7 old style diner located just off the M-63 exit of Interstate 196. It was a weird and wonderful place filled with truckers and passers-by. The oddest assortment of people any person could hope to find. There’s noting like having deep, 3 A..M. conversations over hash browns and apple pie and watching life come and go all around you. I think it was the smoking ban that finally killed Ma’s after deades of survival. Truckers wanting a place to stop in the middle of the night wanted a good meal, a place to put up their feet and grab a smoke or two. Time changes and between cell phones and smoking bans those things that drove us, sweet undesirables to Ma’s also drove us away.

Such a great personal loss. Not just to me, but to everyone. Ma’s was a piece of history. Like steeping back in to 1938 and there was nothing like stepping back in time, having a smoke and a piece of pie.

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