What Me Worry?

calm face

On the outside I play it all cool like ain’t nuthin’ ruffles my feathers but on the inside I’m all like … this IS my calm face.

From the turn of the last century’s Yellow Kid to Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman there’s something undeniably appealing about the truly ugly. The twisted self. How we feel as opposed to how we look.

I like to walk around and pretend that every thing is cool. That I can handle anything. That all is right with the world. I like to pretend that I’m strong for others but the truth is that I am anything but strong. I am in a constant state of repair and disrepair; rinse and repeat. I like to think that everyone, no matter how self-assured they might seem to be, are all really just making it up as they go and hoping for the best. like me. I kinda’ think that if someone isn’t, they aren’t really, truly aware of what’s going on around them. That our lives are ticking away one wasted, limited day at a time.

What me worry?

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