Who Remembers Justice Works?

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In the pages of Bulldog I created a project about a group of unusual heroes collectively called, Justice Works.

The story began with a lone hero soaring across a desert landscape heading towards a floating black pyramid. Upon entering the hero was attacked by a monstrous creature. The battle was broken up by the appearance of a beautiful young woman; all three lead to this strange place by an unseen force. As the the heroes argued a tall, alien being entered. Truths were laid bare and lives were once again irreparably altered.

One of the great things about the Golden Age of comics, Marvel Comics’ early years and Five Star Comics is the lack of superheroes. Possessing strange abilities is still seen as shocking and unusual. In the FSC Universe superheroes and few and very far between. Those who do posses these powers are seen as super stars; super-powers. Beings to be worshiped, admired and feared.

As the story unfold the three heroes discover that it was this dark alien being that granted them each powers before leaving as mysteriously as he appeared. The alien called Onx/Obsidian, created these heroes ten years earlier in an effort to correct the growing imbalance between good and evil. Feeling they’ve failed, he returned to group them together to perhaps accomplish as one what none could accomplish alone and in doing so created a force of super-powers called, “Justice Works”.

The heroes included: Zeus: Jon Thomas, who gained his abilities at the age of ten only to be taken from his family and raised by the government. Jon Thomas came to be known as America’s Golden Boy and later Power Boy, Sonic and eventually Zeus. Each time a mission he was sent on went badly he would be re-branded, his PR re-spun, keeping him the world’s undisputed number one super-power/hero.

Neptune: Benjamin Rex was an 84 years old one-legged sailor suffering from cancer and without long to live when he was visited by the strange mystery man and given the re-formed body of a sea dragon and protector of the seas.

Psychic Dawn: Dawn and Twilia Paris were twin 14 year old students when they were visited. While Twilia was granted incredible psychic powers her sister Dawn was left to live out her life in the shadow of her now super-powered sibling. In the original story Onx/Obsidian stripped Psychic Twilight of her abilities after finding her uncooperative with his plans and choose to give those powers instead to her sister Dawn.

Onx.Obsidian: A mysterious alien. Nothing is known about the obsidian-skinned creature who gave the three their powers; or what his true purpose might be.

This is how the story began in the back of Bulldog. I recount it here more for my own purpose than any other. A much larger story is intended to follow; one that will travel back and forth through time and across the universe.

Justice Works is intended to be a very different look at superheroes, the groups they form and the way the world sees them, than the usual superhero story. Justice Works, along with Knight Wolf, will be my contribution the the new Five Star Comics anthology I’m planning with my brother, Ken.  Between his work and my own, we hope to present the Five Star Universe we began creating so many years ago. A Five Star Universe of superheroes.

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